NBA Downtime Leads to Dallas Condo Listing

NBA Downtime Leads to Dallas Condo Listing

Though we’re all glad the NBA lockout is over, we do know that some of the players kept pretty busy in their downtime. In fact, perhaps the downtime even inspired some members of the NBA to move to new houses!

That is exactly what’s happening with Jason Kidd, an All-Star and no-doubt future Hall of Famer.  The point guard has recently listed his swanky condo in Dallas for about $1.6 million. Oh, did you say you wanted to move in?

Kidd isn’t the only NBA player trying to unload a house or condo during this basketball drought.  Other players such as Mike Miller, Jermaine O’Neal, and Rashard Lewis have all placed their homes on the market.

Let’s get back to Kidd’s condo. He bought it back in 2008 for just under $1.5 million and moved in shortly thereafter. He did this when he was traded from his previous team, the New Jersey Nets, to the Dallas Mavericks.  It made sense at the time – why would he want to live in the northeast when his new basketball home was in the south? It was a smart move.

The condo building was brand new back when Kidd bought it and was actually the first LEED-certified building in Dallas. Situated on the 21st floor, the condo has three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and just over 2,600 square feet. There’s also an outdoor fireplace, balcony, and it looks out onto the city’s skyline.

So, if you are thinking of moving into a nice condo in Dallas, we know just the place!

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