Negotiating Your Corporate Relocation Package

Negotiating Your Corporate Relocation Package

If you are relocating due to a transfer at work or for a new job, there will be a number of issues to consider. In fact, negotiating for the best possible relocation package is extremely important and even though we’ve been going through a recession, it is possible for your employer to pay for much of your moving costs. Remember, you may not get them to pay for everything, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. We’ve listed some things to keep in mind when negotiating your corporate relocation package.

Know What to Ask For
While you may not be able to ask your employer to pay for your new home, there are some relocation costs they can cover. You’ll want to discuss the following:

• The moving costs for your household
• A house-hunting trip or two
• Closing costs for your new home
• Short-term rental as you settle into your new city or wait to move into your new home

Be Clear
Most employers will include housing and relocation assistance as part of their benefits just like health insurance and vacation time. But, you should wait to discuss these things toward the end of the hiring process. Always be clear on what your employer will cover in regards to relocation, but don’t be afraid to ask questions either.

Don’t Be Afraid to Counter
While you may be aware of your company’s original relocation offer, there may come a time when you simply cannot afford the move on your own. During such times, don’t be afraid to discuss this with your employer. Make a counter offer in writing and be ready to discuss your moving options with your employer.

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