New Homes for Heroes program

New Homes for Heroes program

Helping local heroes to buy and sell homes is the aim of a new program. The program, which is making a move into the metro, has even seen real estate agents taking a hit in order to be able to help the women and men who help everyone else.

The move to give something back is just beginning for real estate agent Mamie Jackson.  “We got the email just a couple of weeks ago from Homes for Heroes,” Jackson says.  She admits that just the name by itself struck a chord with her.  “This is a brand new program to Omaha and to Nebraska.”

Jackson is making use of her experience as a real estate agent in order to assist Homes for Heroes with saving money when they buy and sell properties on behalf of heroes such as military men – be they retired or still active in the service – teachers, law enforcement, doctors and nurses, and firefighters.  “They could save anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000,” she points out.  “”It is a significant savings.”

This is savings that comes directly out of Jackson’s own pocket, with a quarter of her commission being rebated back to the hero involved.  She admits to having discussed the situation with her husband.  “We have no military in our family, no firefighters, no police in our family, yet we go to bed every night, tuck in our kids, and someone is doing the work and we aren’t, so we just wanted to say thanks,” she concludes.

Lance Grooms