Newly built home sales climbing

Newly built home sales climbing

Are you contemplating a move?  Perhaps you want to move from Texas and the Dallas area? Whether you are moving out of Texas or into the state, there are some important statistics to learn.

In recent years Texas has seen an increase in median home sales.  If you intend on buying a home, this will mean spending a little more than three or four years ago.  For sellers leaving the Dallas area it will mean getting more value for your home.  The market has improved more in new constructions, however, so this is another aspect to consider.  When new family home sales are up, it often means that you are going to get a lower value on your home built ten or more years ago.  According to a recent study, new home sales are up almost 20% from a year ago.

In the area you will move to or the area you are moving from, you have to know what is going on in the home sales department.  If you want to save money or earn a little more from your home sale, it is important to know which areas are having a better time selling older constructions rather than the new constructions, such as those in Dallas, Texas, which are selling better.

Finding a new home and selling the old one is just a small part of moving.  Moving involves packing, crating and hauling your home belongings to a new destination.  It is appropriate for you to examine moving companies to determine which company is more affordable.  Moving companies will do the packing, crating and hauling for you.  If you are on a budget you can always do your own packing.  If you are worried about your equipment, such as pricey TVs, computers and other belongings, it can always be a good idea to have a professional crate everything.  The chances are that a professional will be able to pack it better and with the right boxes.

As always, before you move make certain that you have eliminated some of the belongings you have.  We all tend to collect dust items, which we do not use or are tired of looking at.  A moving sale can help you eliminate what you do not want and keep your moving costs down.  Once you have completed your home search, researched moving companies and had your moving sale, you are ready to set the date for moving.

The date you move might be dependent on when the company is available and when your current lease or home sale is completed.  You may have to move half of the family ahead while the rest stay behind to get things closed up in your old home, based on the dates available.  Obviously if you have children it is better to move them when they are out of school, such as over the summer, but this can also be one of the busiest times of year for moving companies and might eliminate some of the dates you want to move on.

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