NFL LA moves

NFL LA moves

An announcement has been made regarding the NFL.  The NFL Commissioner made the announcement that stadium issues that have plagued Los Angeles for years can be solved.  New guidelines are being offered for a potential move for the NFL.  A memo was sent to the commissioner on Friday.  No team will have a “presumptive right” when it comes to a move of the NFL to a new stadium.  The league as a whole will be able to make a decision about the relocation.  LA is looking for a one- or two-team relocation to the area with the new stadium concept.

The 2013 season is going to be the year for a decision to be made.  At the moment no teams have applied, but there are 32 teams that can make the decision to relocate.  The franchises with choices will be those that can prove they have exhausted all other options.  Those that are in their current location but are unable to fit in their stadium can make the choice to move to Los Angeles.  No decision will be made before March 2013, meaning that there is still plenty of time for the teams to decide if they are going to move.  The new stadium can handle two teams.  It is a complex with one downtown and one in the City of Industry.  There is also the idea to put the two stadiums in a complex of one community so that entertainment facilities and NFL stadiums can be together.  The new stadium is certainly going to be an attractive venture.  The entire league is funding the stadiums too, which is why all 32 teams can make a bid to practice and be in the stadium.

Some of the teams that may compete right in the beginning include San Diego Chargers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, Raiders, and St Louis Rams.  This stadium could also become a regular host for the Super Bowls of the future.  It might include such things as youth football facilities too.  The concept is certainly one of a kind.  It will take a few years for it to be finished in terms of being built; however, the teams will be decided on by 2013, so at least one question will be answered.

This long-term stadium solution has many people excited, especially those in the world of sports.  Personal seat licenses, naming rights, premium seating and financial decisions will also be made soon.  For fans it will mean a great new facility to see football.  For those in the sport it is a great new facility to enjoy for its top workout and other facility options.  NFL is certainly going to change with this new facility.

We might see the stadium become a permanent Super Bowl complex if the league decides that is best.  Once the facility is built, decisions will be made as to the teams and entertainment offered.

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