NHL relocation talks continue

NHL relocation talks continue

For hockey fans in Washington State, the wait may soon be over as to whether they will have a professional NHL hockey team in their midst.  The City of Saskatoon has also requested a bid on the relocation of the NHL.  If Saskatoon were chosen, the teams would play at the Credit Union Centre when in Saskatoon.

Seattle, Las Vegas and even Houston have put in bids to gain the NHL headquarters.  Quebec is also bidding for the headquarters.  The relocation would move at least one team to the new city of the headquarters and also provide more jobs.  For NHL fans it would mean a consideration of moving to a state that has NHL teams playing so they can enjoy live games over TV games.

NHL has become a popular sport in the USA, almost rivaling football.  The talk of the NHL moving and teams being shifted has created some excitement.  Seattle is a city that has not had a professional hockey team for many years.  It is surprising considering the number of fans the city has and also its location to the Vancouver, BC team.

Whether the NHL headquarters moves or hockey fans move to go with their favorite team that may leave one city for another, nothing is settled yet.  The talks are still looking at the different cities interested in gaining NHL as a franchise, such as the Saskatoon town near Winnipeg.  Talks are supposed to be coming to a head soon, though.

Jon Huser