No More Flea in Malibu

No More Flea in Malibu

Looks like Sally Field isn’t the only star moving out of Malibu in recent weeks and months.  Michael Balzary – who you may know much better as Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers – has put his house on the market and is moving out.

The Malibu home is on the market for almost $5 million – $4,795,000 to be exact.  The architectural home is a two-story residence with both canyon and ocean views with beach access to boot.  Are you ready to move in?  Sounds like a fabulous place to live to us!

With three bedrooms and just as many bathrooms, Flea’s house sounds perfect for a beach-loving family who doesn’t want to live far from Los Angeles.  Additionally, the dramatic high ceilings, fashionable cement floors, outdoor fireplace, and free-form pool are sure to impress any prospective homebuyers.

Two reps from Coldwell Banker, Malibu County – Irene Dazzan-Palmer and Sandro Dazzan, share the house listing.  Nice commission they will be making when the house sells.

We’re not sure why Flea is selling the house and moving out of Malibu, or if he is really even leaving the neighborhood.  Maybe he’s found another house nearby he prefers.  Who wants to move out of the paradise that is Malibu?

Recently, Flea ran the Los Angeles marathon in an effort to raise money for a non-profit organization he co-founded back in 2001, Silverlake Conservatory of Music.

Jon Huser