Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk is the name of an independent city that is a part of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Norfolk is the second biggest city in the whole of Virginia. The 2010 census put the population at 242,803, just behind the neighboring city of Virginia Beach.

Norfolk is situated at the heart of the metropolitan area of Hampton Roads, which was named after the big natural harbor of the same moniker situated at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay.  It is also one of nine cities and seven counties that make up the Hampton Roads metro area and is bordered by the Elizabeth River to the west and by Chesapeake Bay to the north, as well as sharing land borders with the independent cities of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake to the east and south respectively.  Norfolk is one of Hampton Roads’ oldest cities and is regarded as being the region’s cultural, financial, historic and urban center.

The city has an area of 96.3 square miles, 53.7 square miles of which is land and 42.6 square miles being water.  The city is situated at the southeastern corner of Virginia, positioned between the junction of Elizabeth River and Chesapeake Bay.

Of the 242, 803 people living in the city as of 2010, 86,210 were households and 51,898 were families.  When people first started the relocation to Norfolk in its original settlement, houses were constructed with wood and frame construction but made a move to a Georgian architectural style several decades later.