Office move checklist to help you

Office move checklist to help you

Moving your office can take a lot of planning.  You need to consider if the furniture you have will stay with you or be thrown out.  The new offices need to be planned out for the furniture, whether it is new or old.  A moving company is required to ensure that your office move goes smoothly.  With all of the different factors you need to consider, a moving checklist may be of help.

Moving checklists are going to help you to coordinate the move at least eight weeks beforehand.  You can keep track of who is assigned to the task, the status of that task, and the due date for completion.  It will help the office move become smooth.

There are many tasks with an office move that one may not think about without some type of checklist.  For instance, the vendors who bring coffee service, water the plants, magazines, newspapers, and the list can go on.  It will depend on the type of office and services you have, but there are definitely many tasks to consider.  If you have a limited number of staff, it is important that you determine who can handle what during the office move.

Full service moving companies will help with the packing and hauling, but there are certain things, such as calling up the vendors, that they are unable to do for you.  Assigning someone to shred unneeded documents is just another aspect to the entire office move that needs to be taken care.

Jon Huser