Online support for moving military families

Online support for moving military families

Military families are often on the move and the military is not unaware of how difficult this lifestyle can be for them, particularly children.  The good news is that there are a number of websites out there designed to help military children and families to cope with their relocation.

MISA, the Military Impacted School Association, is focused on the impact that a move can have on the children of military personnel and works with school districts that tend to have a large concentration of military children.   Their website contains a number of articles on the subject, as well as resources on everything from counseling to online tutoring.

Other helpful websites for moving military families include Military OneSource and Military HOMEFRONT.  Military OneSource includes tips to do with renting or buying a home, as well as new jobs for partners, dealing with stress, having to adjust to a brand new community, and so on.   As well as the online support, members of the military and their loved ones can also consult with experts from the site by telephone.

Military HOMEFRONT is another excellent resource designed to help military families to cope with moving.  The website provides service members and their loved ones with a range of valuable tools and takes them step by step through the process of military relocation as well as offering checklists and customizable calendars, among other resources.  The Moving 101 section of the website also advises who should be contacted at the Relocation Office to make moving as efficient and easy as possible.

Jon Huser