Options for residents increasing in downtown Hattiesburg

Options for residents increasing in downtown Hattiesburg

The noise of construction work is only too loud and clear on Front Street in downtown Hattiesburg these days.   Workers move busily through the Carter and America buildings and the noise is a most welcome sound, with the renovation of the two buildings set to bring extra retail space and 55 brand new residential apartments to downtown.

Daniel Jussely, who is among the owners of the buildings that have been given the collective moniker of Hub City Lofts, says that construction should have been completed by the summer.

When completed, the buildings will be able to offer one- and two-bedroom and studio apartments in two of the oldest buildings in Hattiesburg.  There will be 32 apartments in the Carter building – eight on street level and 26 in the tower – while there will be 23 apartments in the America building.

Apartment rental has yet to be finalized, according to Jussely, but it is anticipated that pricing will work out in the region of $650 to $1,500, depending on the apartment’s size.

Jussely and his partners TJ Larocci and Rob Tatum have reason to be confident, given that there is plenty of interest from people who would like to move in.  “It’s been great,” Jussely comments.  “We have a contact page on our website and I get emails from people every day.  We haven’t started an official waiting list.  This is like the waiting list for the waiting list.  I’ve got a lot of people that have shown interest.”