Osama Bin Laden Killed in Abbottabad Mansion

Osama Bin Laden Killed in Abbottabad Mansion

Osama bin Laden was perhaps the most wanted man in the world, until May 1, when American forces brought down the terrorist by moving quickly and stealthily in the darkness.  But, was he hiding in a cave like many of us thought?  No, he was living in a mansion in the town of Abbottabad in Pakistan.

Bin Laden was living in a compound in the city, which is about two hours away from Islamabad.  Though the compound has been described as a mansion, it was dingy in its own right.  But, security was taken very seriously.  The compound had 12-foot high walls topped with barbed wire, making it virtually impossible for people to move in or out very easily.

The property is said to be worth about $1 million, but it didn’t have any Internet or telephone access.  Messages were moved in and out of the compound by the use of couriers, which is ultimately how bin Laden was found and killed.

Officials have reported that the compound was built sometime in 2005.  If that is true, Bin Laden may very well have moved in shortly after and was actually hiding in plain sight for six years.  This point is the center of much controversy at the moment.  Did Pakistan know that Bin Laden was hiding there?  How long did U.S. officials suspect he was there?

Lance Grooms