Other Moving Protection Options to Consider

Other Moving Protection Options to Consider

Checking moving documentsAs you prepare to relocate, you should be not only considering which moving company to enlist the services of but also what types of moving protection you’ll need.  All moving companies are required to offer limited liability protection as the bare minimum, but you may want or need more protection.  For more protection, many people purchase third-party insurance plans, use their own home owner’s insurance, or opt for the moving company’s full-value coverage.

Aside from the basic coverage options to protect your possessions, there are specialized moving protection options.  This is especially true for your extra ordinary value items which might include items such as video cameras, jewelry, collectibles, currency, cameras, and antiques.  Always check with the moving company regarding terms and conditions, written declarations, and requirements for such items.

If you are moving within your current state, there are other options to consider as well.  There is a declared value protection option that is available for intrastate moves and is based on a depreciated value of your items, not regarding replacement cost.  This covers the entire shipment at a value that you declare prior to the relocation.  It is with this plan that the mover assumes liability for the entire shipment.

Just remember, if you are a DIY mover, you run the greatest risk of the highest loss.  Your equipment rental insurance and homeowner’s policy may cover some of your losses, but not usually.  It is always best to purchase as much protection as possible and to hire the services of a professional moving company.

– Jon Huser