Packing for Any Move

Packing for Any Move

If you’re moving and don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! In most cases, anyone preparing to pack up their home or office could always use a few tips and tricks. We’ve put together some of the best ones we’ve come across for packing for just about any move. Follow these suggestions to keep your beloved belongings in tip-top shape.

Common Sense

A little common sense can go a long way throughout any relocation. It doesn’t matter what you’re packing, if it doesn’t make sense, think again!  For example, you wouldn’t place a box of dishes in the center of your moving truck without securing it, would you? No matter how many packing peanuts you have in that box, one good bump and all your dishes go ‘bye-bye’.

Packing Materials

Even if you’re moving on a budget, it pays to buy the right kind of packing materials. This will just keep your stuff safe. Sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and the right tape all make the difference. You can even use towels and blankets to supplement your packing materials.

General Tips You Need to Know

  • Keep the weight of your boxes reasonable. Put the heavier things in smaller boxes so as to not overwhelm yourself.
  • Never apply tape to polished or painted wood surfaces.
  • Double-box anything that’s really fragile.
  • Pack one room at a time and clearly label your boxes with what’s inside.

Now you have a good basis for how to pack for your next move. If you want to learn more about how to properly pack, load the moving truck, or hire a moving company, feel free to search our blog!

Jon Huser