Packing prior to the arrival of the moving company

Packing prior to the arrival of the moving company

Although some people will hire the moving company they have chosen to pack for them, many others prefer to be responsible for the packing of their own possessions prior to the arrival of the movers.

The great majority of people choose to go down this road either to save on the money they will have to spend or simply because they would prefer to carefully wrap by hand each item by themselves.

It is not an easy task to keep dishes, furniture, glassware, lamps and toys safe on the road, but it is possible.  If you want to pack your own things, there are a few pieces of advice I can give you that you should follow to make sure that your stuff has a safe journey.

For one thing, you need to sort everything first.  You need to decide which items you really want to take with you prior to packing.  If you are moving from California to Greenland for instance, the chances are you will not need those surfboards anymore.  Sell items that are no longer relevant or wanted at a garage sale, or donate them to friends or a charity so that the movers will not have to take them to your new house.

You also need to purchase some supplies prior to packing for your move.  Bubble wrap, duct tape and a variety of sturdy boxes are recommended, as well as plastic bags, permanent markers and newspapers.

Lance Grooms