Packing tips to protect your precious goods

Packing tips to protect your precious goods

There are certain things you can do to make moving a little easier.  You definitely want to make certain you follow a few of the tips we have here so that you can feel more comfortable, whether you are doing the moving or hiring a moving company.

Beds need to be dismantled completely.  The pieces will be easier to move and put in the rental truck or moving company truck.  Take the hardware and put it in a bag inside a designated hardware box.  Make certain to label the bag so you know which bed it belongs to.

Bedding can be used as padding for furniture, as long as you do not mind any damage that may result.  Light articles such as pillows and blankets could be put in furniture drawers to save boxes, but make certain you do not overload them.

Books are an important aspect to take care of when it comes to lifting them.  If you have a large moving box full of books you will make things doubly difficult for yourself or the movers.  Instead, you should place books cover to cover, alternating bindings so the pages will not become damaged.  Also put books into small, strong boxes or cartons that have handles.  Do not leave books in bookshelves, cases or portable drawers.  Pack heavy objects lightly to ensure you are not making the move more difficult.  Any goods that could be damaged in the move should be wrapped with bubble wrapping.  Professional packers can assist with all of these tasks while you kick back with a cold beverage of choice.

Jon Huser