Packing Tips to Save Your Moving Headaches

Packing Tips to Save Your Moving Headaches

Have you ever moved and been unable to find that one box that has the one thing you need?  It happens a lot, even to experienced people who tend to relocate often.  A moving company can only do so much if you have packed and labeled your own boxes.  There is a very easy method for making your moving experience better.  The following tips will help you keep track of the important boxes.

The first step is to pack a suitcase with the essentials for each family member.  The suitcase should have enough clothing and essentials in it to cover all of your moving days.  For example, if you are traveling across the US to move, you will want to have enough clothing for the week it takes for the drive, if driving.  If you plan to fly then you may still need multiple other days of essential items in order to cover your days without your belongings.  It can take a few days for your items to arrive with the moving company since they will be driven.

During the packing phase make certain you have your boxes labeled, such as ‘open me’ boxes with some of the essentials you need in your new home.  These boxes might contain a set of dishes, kitchen items and bathroom items that you tend to need.  This helps you unpack the most important items first.

It is usually best to focus on one room at a time when packing.  It helps you stay organized and focused.  You will also discover it is easier to get everything you need to pack if you concentrate on one room.  In this way you can eliminate items you do not want and keep what you do.  You can also plan for a garage sale as you pack up the rooms you do not use as much.  Donating and selling items will definitely eliminate some of the expense in moving since you will pack less and move less.

Stay off the floor to pack.  Sitting on the floor or constantly kneeling and getting up can be hard on the body.  You will feel your back stiffen up and it will take longer for you to get the packing done.  When possible find a table that you can set boxes on top of.  You tend to get more accomplished this way.

If you have to take apart any furniture or other items in your home, keep track of the smaller parts.  Do not just stuff them in a hole in the last box you packed.  Instead, secure the small parts to the item you took apart if possible, or create a box for small parts.

Following these tips will help your move become easier.  It will not take away all of the stress of moving, but it will certainly help you prepare better for the moving company and getting to that new house.

Jon Huser