Paltrow and Martin relocating to Los Angeles

Paltrow and Martin relocating to Los Angeles

Actress Gywneth Paltrow (Iron Man) and her partner Chris Martin are planning to up sticks and relocate to Los Angeles.  Paltrow and the Coldplay front man, with whom she has two young children, have lived in the city of London in the UK since they were first married but, according to Radar Online, they have now purchased a home worth $6 million located in the Hollywood Hills.

“They’ve wanted to move to LA for a while now,” a source has claimed.  “Gwyneth spends lots of time between the UK and US and is exhausted with traveling.  She spends a lot of time away from her mum (actress Blythe Danner), so she wants to be closer to her as she gets older.”

The source also claims that Martin understands Paltrow’s reasons and is happy to give the relocation to Los Angeles a try, given that his wife has always really loved the city.  Coldplay is not expected to commence work on another new album for at least a year, meaning that the singer has some breathing space in which he can just kick back and relax.

The celebrity couple are also allegedly intending to place their two children, Apple and Moses, at a nearby private school, with both parents wanting to make certain that the children are able to settle in and receive a good education once the move is complete.

Jon Huser