Peach of a Foreclosure in Georgia

Peach of a Foreclosure in Georgia

We’ve got Georgia on our mind.  You already know that the housing market is in one of the biggest slumps it has ever been in, along with our economy.  With these trying financial times come foreclosures – even for the rich, who might not be so rich anymore.  In fact, many face foreclosures and forced relocations.

The former home of CEO and founder of Global Equity Lending, Hubert Humphrey, is a lavish and grandiose mansion known as La Reve.  Humphrey and his wife Norma moved out years ago.  It has 82 rooms, a couple of elevators, and get this – 62 televisions!  (Who watches that much TV?!)  Along with a heated swimming pool with a separate pool house, a playground, a couple of stables, formal gardens, and tennis court and the main residence also boasts a guesthouse.

Are you wondering what the price tag is yet?  It isn’t $47 million anymore, as it was listed in 2008.  The 47,000 square foot home, along with its 90 acres, train room, and private bowling alley, isn’t even $28 million (as it was listed in 2010.)  If you want to move in, you can do so for just $18 million.

La Reve is lavishly decorated, as you probably would imagine.  Moving through the sprawling manse you’ll see antique furniture, handmade window dressings, and custom murals filling every room.  In addition to all the amenities we already have you drooling over, the estate also has a massage room, golf course, and movie theatre.

Jon Huser