Planning Delivery Day

Planning Delivery Day

Are you getting closer to your moving day?  If so, you really should consider planning out your delivery day.  If you have ever moved, you already know that it takes a lot of work, effort, and preparation.  While you do need to plan right up to the move, you also need to plan out your move on delivery day.  So, what should you keep in mind?  Read on to see our suggestions for planning your delivery day.

1. Be there when the movers arrive.  While this may seem like common sense to plenty of people, there are others that have let the movers arrive and do their own thing.  But, what happens if there is a problem?  Just as you should be present when the movers arrive on loading day, it is equally important to be there on delivery day.

2. Label all of your belongings.  Tagging all of your items will come in handy on delivery day because the movers will know which room you would want everything in.  While your movers are professionals, they will greatly appreciate the assistance in an organized delivery.  If you don’t label your stuff, the movers will still unload the truck, but will put everything in a centralized location within your house.  Of course if you hire the moving company to pack your belongings, the labeling will be done for you.

3. Check everything for damage.  Although you have probably hired a reputable moving company, do take some time to check your belongings for any damage.  Remember, any damage that has taken place during the move must be reported as soon as possible so that you may file a claim.

Jon Huser