Planning to move your pet

Planning to move your pet

When you have pets it can be an added stress in how to move them to your new residence.  There are tactics you can take to make it easier for your pet to be in a new home.  Dogs and cats are the typical pets we tend to bring with us from home to home.  Depending on what your pet usually has from you, they may find insecurities in the move.

For instance, if your pet is used to being free and with you all the time, they may be insecure about a drive to a new home.  If your new home is in the same city it may be in your best interest to visit your new place with your pet.  They can become used to the new smells and finally be comfortable when the move is complete.

Obviously moving long distance can create an issue with visiting your new home.  Still, if at all possible try to take your pet to the new location. Your pet is going to know there is something up when you start packing, so you need to minimize these feelings of insecurity or apprehension they have.

Packing and unpacking is often the most uncomfortable part about moving long distance for your pet.  It is because they understand something is going on.  Act naturally with your pet, giving them playtime experiences, and make certain when you move that they have something old and something new as toys in the carrying case.

Lance Grooms