Portman to move to Paris

Portman to move to Paris

Natalie Portman is to move from the United States to Paris with her husband Benjamin Millepied and their baby son Aleph.  Millepied will be leaving his position as the man in charge of the LA Dance Project in order to become the Paris Opera Ballet’s new director. He will take up the position in September 2014, after the move.

“I certainly knew about the position, but I also knew that there were candidates from within the company,” Millepied told the New York Times about the impending relocation.  “I was surprised, but I felt very quickly that the artistic dialog between us was an exciting one.  After a while I did feel that there was a really good chance I might get the position, which made my head spin.”  Millepied is expected to continue in his current position with the LA Dance Project until the point where he is able to formally take over at the Paris Opera Ballet.

The ballet dancer met Natalie Portman on the set of her critically acclaimed thriller Black Swan, which was filmed three years ago in 2010.  This was the film for which she was ultimately awarded the Best Actress Oscar.  The couple’s baby son Aleph was born in June 2011and the pair eventually married in an old fashioned Jewish wedding ceremony in Big Sur in the state of California.

Portman will be making her next appearance in cinemas in the superhero sequel Thor: The Dark World, which will open on 30th October 2013.