Preparing for full service movers

Preparing for full service movers

Electing to get help for your move is a wise decision.  Moving can be a tough time for you, both emotionally and physically.

You probably have lots of boxes and large items of furniture to carry out of your home, which could potentially harm you during the lifting and maneuvering process.  To make this better, you can certainly hire professional full service movers.  Full service movers will pack, crate and haul your items when you move from Coachella Valley, or from any other location.  They can handle long distance moves where you might leave the entire state, or perhaps go from one side of the state to the other.  When you hire professional movers you gain a great deal, but you do want to prepare for the movers so that your long distance move goes a little easier.

Prepare for the movers on moving day.  If they are going to do the packing, make certain that you have the items you want packed easily accessible and that all of the items you no longer want are either stored away or already removed from the home.  This will cut down on the confusion.  Any personal items you would rather pack should be packed before the movers arrive.

If you decide against full service then it is best to have everything packed and ready with clear markings.  Furniture can be loaded either in the front or back of the truck, so you definitely want to have everything else ready before the movers arrive.

Jon Huser