Preparing the Family for a Military Move

Preparing the Family for a Military Move

Plan your military move with your family.Are you part of a military family?  If so, you know that it can be an awesome experience since you get to see parts of the world many people never get the chance to see.  Military families often get to move around quite a bit – all at the expense of the United States.  Though it comes at a high price, being part of a military family can be so rewarding for everyone.  But, moving can take a lot out of you, even if you will be moving to an exciting location.  Here’s how to prepare the entire family for the next military move.

Learn about the Host Country

One of the best ways to prepare mentally for the military move is to read up on your host country.  Where are you going?  Japan?  Germany?  England?  It doesn’t matter, really.  As long as you learn as much as possible before you relocate.  Learn about the culture and customs, locations, weather, food, geography, and other traditions.  Share what you’ve learned with the whole family so everyone is ready.

Consider the Living Arrangements

In most cases, you and your family will likely move onto a military base.  That means that there may not be a whole lot of space within your new home.  If this is your first military family move, try and reach out to others you know that have already been shipped out.  Talk about what you might need to pack, what may or may not fit into the living space, and so forth.  This way, there won’t be any surprises when you move.

Clean House

Before your military move it is definitely time to clean house.  If you aren’t going to be taking everything with you, it is time to start looking for a storage solution or planning a garage sale.  It is best to do these things while you have plenty of time so that you aren’t rushing things at the same time as you prepare for the big relocation.

Deal with the Passports

If you are moving overseas then your passports will be provided free of charge.  They will be used only for leaving and returning to the United States.  But be sure to fill out all necessary forms, include the latest photographs, and submit the passport applications well in advance.  Make sure you have all paperwork in order for your children as well.

Read the Order Sheet Carefully

Some military relocations do not allow the family to join the enlisted party, so be sure you read every detail of the order sheet carefully.  You will need to ensure that the whole family has been cleared for the move.  If not, you may not be entitled to hosting or sponsorship.

See the Doctor and Dentist

Before your military move, it is time to schedule your physical exams. As you know, you will be required to undergo a battery of medical, dental, and physical examinations prior to being shipped out.  If medical findings arise during these examinations that might hinder the move, you may receive different orders.

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