Prince William and Kate Middleton to Honeymoon in Sicilian Cottage

Prince William and Kate Middleton to Honeymoon in Sicilian Cottage

As the entire world knows, Prince William and Kate Middleton got married today at London’s Westminster Abbey.  And while the world watched with interest many people are wondering where the couple will honeymoon to after they tie the proverbial knot. 

Well, we’ve got the scoop!  The couple will spend their honeymoon in a pretty modest, certainly by Royal’s standards, rental in the UK’s Isles of Scilly.  This is a big move away from the opulent honeymoon the world may have thought that they would take.  However, this just goes to show that William and Kate may really be more like regular people than we thought.

Though the cost of the wedding will probably knock your socks off, the British couple decided to have their wedding reception at Grandma’s house – Buckingham Palace, the home of Queen Elizabeth II.  And who knows, perhaps one day, the couple will move into the palace as King and Queen! 

The wedding itself was fancy and made of the stuff in every little girls’ dreams.  But, the Isles of Scilly aren’t quite as fancy as one might expect.  In fact, it may even be considered a budget honeymoon – however moving from the decadence of the wedding to a quiet little cottage might be just what the couple will need.

We wish them the best of luck.

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