Protecting the Building During a Commercial Relocation

Protecting the Building During a Commercial Relocation

Moving hefty office furniture and supplies, dragging crates and boxes through offices, hallways and up and down in elevators invariably causes undue wear and tear to surfaces during a local commercial relocation or a long distance commercial move.  What steps are taken to ensure that this does not happen?

A specialist local commercial moving company will usually take care of this for clients.  Being professionals, they understand the necessity of protecting a building’s interior and all its contents.  Prior to the company’s departure, a representative from the moving company will make an assessment and identify areas that require protection.  Floors, regardless of the type of material, will be protected with hardboard.  The elevators will be similarly protected with sheeting and padded material.  They will also take care to avoid scuffs and scratches to paintwork, covering doors with padding material.

It would also be a good idea to get your staff to be vigilant during the move and look out for any damage that is caused to the building during the move, so that you can address it with the local commercial moving company immediately.  Accidents do happen and it is better to deal with them when and as they happen.

Having open entrances and doorways to the company while in the process of a move also presents other dangers to the building.  Times of moving often present opportunities for thieves who will enter your premises easily and without suspicion if all entrances are not watched vigilantly.  A way round this, of course, is to supply visitor’s badges to all authorized staff.  The respresentative from your office should work directly with the Moving Consultant to ensure that all of the I’s are dotted and T’s crossed.

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