Protecting Your Home During Hurricane Season

Protecting Your Home During Hurricane Season

June 1st marked the start of hurricane season, so are you ready for any upcoming storms? Hurricanes, like tornadoes, can damage and destroy houses, businesses, and lives. If you’ve recently moved to a state that is prone to hurricanes, or even if you’ve already lived there a while, it is important you protect yourself.

Most homeowners think they know all they need to about homeowners insurance, but that’s not always the case when it comes to natural disasters like hurricanes. This is especially true for folks moving to hurricane states from areas that don’t see a lot of the storms. Reviewing your insurance policy is key.

One mistake that many homeowners make is thinking that hurricane protection is automatically included in the basic homeowners’ policy. This is not always true. Things such as flood coverage, which is common after a hurricane, must be added to any policy separately. Some banks require homeowners to buy such riders upfront, if they live in or move to a flood zone.

It’s a little different when you move into a hurricane zone. Hurricane insurance is often covered in your homeowners policy in the first or second tier – but not always. It really depends on the county and your insurance. If you live in a non-coastal county, you may need to purchase hurricane coverage separately.

So, if you are moving to a hurricane zone, or live in one now, double-check your homeowners’ insurance policy to see what is covered. If you don’t have hurricane coverage, don’t delay!

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