Public Debt to relocate 450 jobs

Public Debt to relocate 450 jobs

Over 400 federal employees may soon be calling the Mid-Ohio Valley home following a new announcement from the United States Bureau of the Public Debt.  A bureau spokeswoman from Washington DC announced on Wednesday that bureau employees had been informed about the planned relocation, which will see 450 jobs moved to Petersburg from the metropolitan Washington area.

“Back in February we announced the proposed consolidation of the Bureau of the Public Debt and the Financial Management Service,” the spokeswoman said.  “We provided more information to our employees for planning.  The appropriation has not been finalized but we are moving forward and we have shared our plans with our workforce.”

The jobs that will be affected by the plan are primarily information technology and accounting positions, although there will also be a number of management functions and related support departments included as well.  The move will not, however, result in the immediate shift of employees to the area, with the first employees set to be transferred there not expected to arrive until late next year.

“They will move over two to three years in two phases,” the spokeswoman, who did not wish to be identified, noted, adding that the first phase was likely to arrive in the late summer of next year or possibly as late as February 2014.  It is anticipated that the consolidation will save the federal government $96 million over the course of the next five years.

Author – Gene Salaz