Queen Mary 2 Used for Illegal Immigration

Queen Mary 2 Used for Illegal Immigration

A couple of months ago, a Malaysian man named Fatt Kwee Wong was caught attempting to smuggle illegal immigrants into the United States.  While illegal immigrants try to move into the country all the time, this is the first case of its kind.  Curious?

The luxury ocean liner – the most luxurious ever, in fact – Queen Mary 2 was used as the vessel to smuggle these immigrants across the U.S. border.  The illegal immigrants, all from China, consisted of five women and four men, all hoping to relocate to the U.S. for a better life.

Police and border control took the group into custody as soon as they reached the New York Cruise Terminal in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  Looks like the stowaways may be forced to move back to China.  But, what’s even more interesting about this story?

The so-called stowaways weren’t quite stowaways.  They all had access to all of the ship’s top-notch features including the largest ballroom on the ocean, a spa, gourmet restaurants, and a planetarium.  They paid $500 each to board the ship, all in Dubai.

Wong was paid $3,000 for each passenger.  He was caught when he couldn’t name his nine companions and officials noticed he spoke Mandarin but had a Japanese passport.

We knew people wanted to move to the U.S. but didn’t know they could do so while enjoying the opulence on a luxury cruise ship! 

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