Raising Your Kids in Kodiak, Alaska

Raising Your Kids in Kodiak, Alaska

Raising a family is hard, no matter where you live or move to.  It costs money, it can cause stress, and it can take a lot out of a person.  There are so many things to consider when raising a family – expenses, schools, safety, and balancing a career.  Moving to the right place won’t solve all the problems but it can make things a little easier.

So, if you are thinking of moving to a place better suited for raising a family, Kodiak, Alaska might be a good location.  At the first sound of this, many people question the idea of moving to Alaska, but believe it or not, it has some really great features.

Wondering what’s so great about living in Kodiak, Alaska?  Kodiak is the biggest city on Kodiak Island and acts as a gateway to the mainland.  The city with a population of 5,614 has both an airport and ferry terminal.  Kodiak City is about an hour flight from Anchorage, but the closest city is Homer.

If you’re moving to Kodiak with your kids, you will be pleased to learn that there are four public elementary schools, a middle school, a high school, and a college (Kodiak College which is a branch of the University of Anchorage).  For entertainment, the family can enjoy plenty of outdoor recreation, cultural amenities, and annual community events.

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