Ramadan starting soon

Ramadan starting soon

Ramadan begins on the July 20th, just seven days before the Olympics in London.  Muslims all over the world will abstain from food and drink.  They may also give up other physical needs during the daylight hours in order to practice Ramadan correctly.

Ramadan is a holiday during which Muslims purify the soul.  They refocus on God and practice self-sacrifice.  This year many have been asked to re-evaluate their lives regarding Islamic guidance.  They are supposed to make peace with those who have wronged them, strengthen their family and friend ties, and get rid of any bad habits.  The Arabic word for fasting is actually translated in English as to refrain.  It means to refrain from food, drink, evil actions, thoughts or words.

Ramadan is an important holiday for Muslims.  It is also a holiday that those who are of other religions may wish to understand.  Catholicism has its own fasting rule during the weeks before Easter.  It seems that when you look at most religions there is a period of fasting.  Why it might be a different time of year from one religion to the next is also something you might wish to learn about.

Such a practice of self-reflection can be important no matter who you are or what religion you practice.  Self-reflection can help you make peace with your life or to live a better life.  Ramadan is a time when purification of the soul is meant to occur for that inner peace to settle back in.

Jon Huser