Real-Life Sandcastle in Malibu

Real-Life Sandcastle in Malibu

We bet you remember building castles in the sand as a child – perhaps you still do today. When you were little did you ever wish you could move into your very own sandcastle? Well, if you want to move to Malibu, you might actually get that chance. That is, as long as you have $22 million.

Situated on Carbon Beach in Malibu, this California mansion is move-in ready. Originally listed back in 2008 for $65 million, it recently went to auction where the first bid was $22 million. That makes it the most expensive house in the United States to ever go to auction for sale.

Oh, the house didn’t sell, so it’s still available. Obviously, $22 million didn’t reach the reserve price, so you still have a chance to move in.

So, what makes this house so perfect for anyone wanting to move to Malibu First of all, the back patio alone. On the back patio you’ll find a 75-foot lap pool and spa, which happens to be the largest ever allowed in Malibu. The pool actually overlooks the Pacific Ocean, at that.

The 10,500 square foot, 9.5-bathroom, 6-bedroom home has a foundation that actually plunges almost 50 feet into the bedrock underneath the sand, so there is a stable base. That’s almost 40 feet deeper than what Malibu actually requires. The impressive house sits on half an acre, which also includes about 150 feet of sand on what is known as ‘Billionaire’s Beach’.

Jon Huser