Reasons to Spring Clean

Reasons to Spring Clean

There are many reasons to spring clean your home and it can be performed at any time of the year.  You may be in the process of a household move and you have just a few weeks to get organized for the move.  A thorough spring clean is a good start as this will give you the opportunity to downsize your belongings.

Without clutter you will be able to clean freely, maybe with a touch of redecoration here and there, making the new occupiers feel at home straightaway.  Place unwanted items around your home in boxes to either discard, recycle, or to donate to thrift stores.  For those items that are still in good condition and maybe of value, you can hold a garage sale or sell online.  You may even want to consider putting some of your bulkier items into storage with a household storage company, maybe even until your household relocation is complete – from storage to new home, if this is a feasible option.

On the other hand, you may not yet have managed to sell your home due to the depressed housing market.  Again, a spring clean will really improve your chances.  First impressions really do count, so put into household storage the items you do not really need until you have had an appealing offer on your home.

If a household relocation is not likely in the foreseeable future, a good spring clean will make your house feel like new.  Again, remove junk or unnecessary items, which frees up space to clean windows, vacuum and dust efficiently and also to touch up grubby paintwork.

Katie Steil