Recent Tornadoes Wreak Havoc on Charities

Recent Tornadoes Wreak Havoc on Charities

As you can probably imagine, charities are being inundated with donations after a record number of tornadoes swept through the south last month and killed more than 300 people.  Charity and relief officials alike are sorting through tons of broken toys, used clothes, and other household goods while looking for a secure storage place for vital supplies.  Needless to say, it is a challenge.

Across the south, mostly in Alabama, many charities are asking people to stop sending used clothing and toys as storage space is scarce to say the least.  What they really need people to send is money, cleaning supplies, and canned food.  Oh, and they also need sports drinks and pet food.  Because so many facilities were also damaged in the torrent of storms, there just isn’t the space for non-essential items.

In a storage warehouse in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for example, there piles and piles of toys – up to 6 feet high and more old clothes than can even be counted.  What people in this area really could use are items such as camping gear, tents, and other outdoor equipment because many tornado victims have been forced to move outside, sleeping next to what used to be their home.

As a result of this overload of unneeded items, many storage officials and charity managers are asking that only essential items be sent at this time.  However, they don’t really want to tell people, “no” and it looks like many charities will send any extras and nonessential items to other places to be re-donated.

Jon Huser