Regis Finally Sells Greenwich Home

Regis Finally Sells Greenwich Home

You may already know that TV personality Regis Philbin has been trying to sell his Greenwich, Connecticut home for quite a while.  Well, we have news for you!  Reege has finally sold the house and is able to move on!

This is big news because the house has been on the market off and on for the past five years.  We know many people who have just given up and decided to stay put rather than move out in similar situations.  But then again, not everyone is Regis Philbin.

The Greenwich home sold for $3 million, which isn’t too bad for Greenwich!  However, Regis did take a bit of a loss on the home – he bought it back in 2008 for almost $6 million.

With four bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms and 5,919 square feet to run around in, it is the ideal size for a growing family.  The house also sits on a cul-de-sac, so it isn’t in a high traffic area.

We think that a stroke of luck came when Regis decided to retire from his latest gig as host of Live With Regis and Kelly after 25 years.  Not many talk shows last that long, so we were sad to see Reege go.

Either way, the house sold and Regis got to move out.  He’s moving on to bigger and better things – though we’re not sure what he’s planning on doing with his New York City condo!

Jon Huser