Relocate to be green

Relocate to be green

The Japanese earthquake last year was a troubling natural disaster for more than just Japan.  The effects of the devastation are still being felt in Japan, the Pacific Islands, and now even North America and British Columbia.  There is news that lumber, fishing boats and other wreckage may soon arrive along the North American coast.  The wreckage was partly taken into the ocean because of the tsunami that happened due to the earthquake.

Governments in BC, Washington State, California and Oregon have decided to work together when it comes to the tsunami debris.  If you want to help out and be ‘green’, you could donate your time to one of the four areas to help the clean up in Canada or the United States.  The debris is expected to hit the shores in late 2012 or early 2013, so you have almost a year to find a home along the coast to move to in order to help out.

Already there have been reports about buoys, water bottles and other debris washing ashore along the coast near Vancouver Island.  You could become a part of the cleanup process.  The government is already going to have to spend a lot on moving the debris out of the coastal waters and from the shore.  They are looking for volunteers who are willing to help out with the debris.

Those who already live in places such as Seattle, Portland, and other cities in the states have considered moving temporarily to the coast in order to help the cleanup process.  For those who feel they do not do enough for the environment, now is the time to consider a temporary or permanent move to one of these coastal areas to help with the cleanup.

When a natural disaster such as the earthquake and tsunami of Japan occurs, more than one country is always affected.  You can always do your part to give a helping hand, whether it is to temporarily relocate to help out or to move permanently to a beautiful area that needs protecting from debris.

You do not have to have such a noble motive to move to the Pacific coast.  Seattle, Washington is one of the most popular cities in the Pacific Northwest to move to.  Not only is it popular, but also many people go there because of the job market.  Seattle has a huge job market and though economic times have made it a bit tough, there has been job growth there.  Some of the coastal towns also have entrepreneur options where you could start your own company and help the economies of these small towns survive.

There are numerous reasons to move and no matter where you pick, it can be a green move in both cleanup of the area and also the type of home you choose.  Even the way you choose to move can be green, by using recycled boxes, non-plastic packing materials, and more.  You have the option of choosing your destination and what you do when you get there.

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