Relocating and the Rising Cost of Fuel

Relocating and the Rising Cost of Fuel

Relocating has always been a costly endeavor, in terms of time and money.  And whether we are talking about a long distance residential move or commercial move, the rising price of fuel is going to have some impact on the cost of your relocation.

As the major part of the moving process is using transportation to move people and objects, fuel is going to account for a large percentage of a long distance residential move.  When fuel prices increase, this is added on to the fuel surcharge of the mover’s transportation, which is then factored into the charge to you, the customer.

The good news is that there are ways to reduce the cost of fuel during your long distance residential move or commercial move.  The most obvious way is to reduce the amount needed to be relocated.  Think carefully about what is important to you and your family or to your business and leave what is not important behind.  Sell it, donate it or simply dispose of it.  There is no point in paying somebody to move vast amounts of junk.  By cutting down on what you want to take with you, will translate into less weight and space, smaller, faster vehicles and reduced costs.

In times of economic downturn and ever spiraling fuel prices, less scrupulous and bandit mover companies will take advantage of the situation by flaunting their low relocation prices.  It is easy to be lured by them but whatever the economic climate, you still need to rely upon a licensed and insured long distance residential mover.

Jon Huser