Relocating to cruise ships for retirement home

Relocating to cruise ships for retirement home

There have been some fascinating stories in the last few years about older generations retiring to a home on cruise ships.  These retirees are taking trips around the world on any cruise ship they can get on.  Basically, since cruise lines offer great discounts for couples who repeatedly go on cruise ships, it makes almost any cruise affordable.  Some of the retirees stick to certain areas, such as the Caribbean, just trading out boats each week.  The retirees are waiting until they need a more permanent home, such as a living care facility, before they give up their floating home and move to a more permanent address.

With the news that another cruise ship is suffering from trouble on the high seas, some of these enterprising retirees may feel better relocating to a permanent home in a tropical climate.  The Costa Allegra is currently adrift off the Seychelles.  The cruise ship carries 1,000 on board.  A fire in the generator room caused the cruise ship to start drifting due to loss of power.  Unfortunately, the southwest Seychelles has been known for pirates.

The cruise ship has no lights or air conditioning.  There is also the possibility that the emergency generator could fail, stopping all communications.  One fishing boat has managed to reach the ship, but the tugs were hours away from being able to pull the ship into the nearest port.

Such incidents as this make living aboard cruise ships for a few weeks or a whole year, as some retirees do, a little worrisome. It is even more worrying when it is learned that the Costa Allegra is part of the same fleet as the Costa Concordia.

The Costa Concordia incident led to 32 deaths along the Italian coast.  Even though the Costa Allegra is not in danger of toppling over, it does not mean something may not happen before help arrives.  With no lights or air conditioning, it also means the food could spoil before a new port is reached.  Additionally, with the dangers of the area, issues could occur if communications go down or the wrong boat arrives before more than the fishing trawler.

The most important thing for the Costa Allegra is to keep the communications up in order to establish emergency protocols and the rescue operation.  The owner of the ship did state that the conditions are safe and the cruise ship is in a steady position.

Obviously no one wants to make the Costa Allegra a permanent home, so many are worried and hopeful for their loved ones.  The reassurances of those with eyes on the ship are hopefully helping.  For the year that marks the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster, it may be time to stay home instead of taking a cruise if you are at all superstitious.

In all seriousness, cruise ships are built to be safe and there are plenty of retirees proving that taking multiple trips a year may be the better option to relocating from the wintery home they have.

Lance Grooms