Relocation of paramilitary forces may change

Relocation of paramilitary forces may change

An Iranian group located at a paramilitary base was supposed to move temporarily to a US camp.  The relocation was intended to be temporary, but now there are talks that the group will have to move elsewhere.

Iraq wants the camp to be shut down permanently.  The USA is offering help either with their base near Baghdad or with relocation to a Jordanian camp.  The group is contesting the issues they are facing.  They have asked to be removed from the US terrorist list and have their political counterparts located near Paris.

The concern the members fear is if they remain in their current camp.  It could lead to a massacre from those who oppose them.  Camp Liberty is ready to house the new guests but the group is asking for concessions, such as removal of guards where their women will reside.  They are also asking for medical services and freedom to move about.

A significant number of the group have already completed the move to Camp Liberty.  In fact 297 have already moved to Camp Liberty from Camp Ashraf.  The new camp is protected by the UN.  This is another reason that many have sought this camp rather than one near Jordan.  There will still be turmoil over the decision, as there are plenty of members around the different camps that are uncomfortable with the Ashraf members.  Camp Ashraf is set to close in April with more than 3,000 people still needing to be relocated.

Jon Huser