Relocation out of Ohio school district may be wise

Relocation out of Ohio school district may be wise

Many in Columbine, Colorado and the entire state remember what happened in the mid 90s at a local school.  The event was traumatic enough for some to have them relocate outside of Colorado completely.  The more recent issue at a school in Chardon, Ohio may have many thinking about a move out of the state, or at least out of the area.

Five students were targeted in the shooting incident, leaving four wounded and one dead.  Most of the students who witnessed the incident stated that they could not believe it was real.  The community is made up of 5,000 people and is 30 miles from Cleveland.  A football coach with extreme courage chased the student out of the cafeteria where the student opened fire, probably saving more lives.

The individual responsible for the shooting is a juvenile.  Those who recognized the person stated that the person acted normally.  They are unable to understand the sudden change and many felt it was a shock.  It is a sad incident and unfortunately any help the individual could have received was not given because he seemed more normal than anything else.

Those who have suffered from the incident may require mental health checkups.  Even those who just witnessed it may suffer from PTSD.  There will certainly be help for those who need it after such a shock, even if it means a move away from a place with such tragedy.

Lance Grooms