Relocation: The effects on young children

Relocation: The effects on young children

It has been reported that children who experience frequent relocation at a young age suffer in a number of ways, from problems arising at school to behavioral issues. Children often have to repeat grades and will be subject to more behavioral issues than that of other children. This was highlighted from research on military workers, as a result parents from military backgrounds have placed great emphasis on the importance that relocation is a smooth transition for the children involved.


Although there have been a number of reported issues arising from both local relocation and moving long distance, studies have recognized that when parents assist the child in the transition, there is minimal risk of behavioral problems.

Nevertheless, there has also been evidence from psychological studies that military children actually develop fewer behavioral problems compared to other children. Probably because they actually become more familiar to the relocation transition than other children.

Further studies, along with the evidence above, have revealed that relocation can have both positive and negative effect on your child.  According to studies, preparing a child to move long distance is clearly essential to ensure the negative effects are as minimal as possible.  When the child is involved from the beginning of the process, whether it be picking out a new home or even choosing where the furniture will be placed within the home, the ownership given to the child smoothens the transition, minimizing the risk of behavioral problems.

-Lance Grooms