Researching the Moving Company

Researching the Moving Company

Some of us have had wonderful experiences with moving companies – all of our stuff is packed up and arrives safely at our new home – while others have experienced full-blown nightmares.  Those nightmares could involve things like broken heirlooms, police reports, lawyers, and just about everything else.  In order to prevent such an ordeal, it is important to find a reliable moving company.  But how do you do that?

Company Website

Most moving companies have websites today, so that should be your first stop.  Check the website for their listed services, history, destinations, and a rough idea of what they charge.  You should also be able to find their phone number and email address for questions.

Ask Around

The best advertising is word of mouth.  So, ask your friends, neighbors, and colleagues if they can recommend any moving companies.  You should also ask if they know of any movers you should avoid.

Moving Scam Sites

There are several online sources dedicated to protecting the consumer from moving scams.  One such site is  This site will help you determine if the moving company you are considering is legit or not (Consider the source of each post).

Better Business Bureau

The BBB is a consumer watchdog organization that will let you learn the “rating” of any given business in the U.S.  The BBB will often list all complaints filed against the company and what they entail.

Check their DOT Number

The Department of Transportation (DOT) will list the validity of a moving company’s DOT number.  This number means that the moving company is registered with the DOT, as is required.

Jon Huser