Retirement Moving Options

Retirement Moving Options

There are many locations with older populations in the USA.  Anyone looking to move may decide that these are the best places to go when retiring.  Five of these locations will be examined below in the event that you want to relocate to make the most of your retirement.

Scottsdale, Arizona is the first on the list.  It is the city with the oldest citizens.  The city has a population of 100,000 or more with a median age of 45 years.  This is higher by eight years than the national average.  The tax rate is better in Florida, but some prefer Arizona.

Florida actually has five of the top cities of oldest populations.  They offer the lowest state tax and lower tax rates.  Florida also does not have an income tax.  This can be great for employees who need to save a little money and may consider getting a retirement job a little later on.

Gainesville and Tallahassee are also two cities with some of the lowest median ages.  Both of these are also in Florida.  What makes this interesting is that ten of the lowest median ages with regards to cities exist in Florida.  Not only do they have five of the oldest populations in cities, but they also have ten of the youngest.  It is something no other state can claim.  Florida is a well-known retirement location and it may be perfect as a winter home for those who do not like winter snow.

Jon Huser