Rihanna sues accountants for mismanagement

Rihanna sues accountants for mismanagement

Actors, singers and other celebrities have busy lives.  Often when singers are on tour they are out for several months going from city to city, sometimes with one performance per location and sometimes with a few days in the same place.  Taking on the concert tours, managing money and keeping ahead of the tiredness one might feel can be difficult.

Often singers and celebrities like Rihanna hire managers and accountants to make certain that their financial stability is taken care of and that there are fewer worries.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to trust the person when something like stealing comes about.  Rihanna is suing her former accountants due to mismanagement of finances.  In a statement, Rihanna claims that the accountants earned large commissions from her concert tours, which cost her millions of dollars.

The lawsuit was filed in Manhattan.  Rihanna is just 24 years old and successful in her career.  She is suing for damages and loss of earnings from Berdon LLP and two former employees.  The losses occurred between 2005 and 2010.  Much of this time was spent on the Last Girl on Earth Tour.  Rihanna has claimed that foreign and domestic tax issues, along with unpaid song royalties, are just some of the issues with the accountants.

The federal court will have to hear the evidence and testimony of the case to make a decision, but it certainly has Rihanna thinking about who to trust managing her money as her latest tour continues to demand her attention.

Lance Grooms