Rogen wants to move to Colorado

Rogen wants to move to Colorado

Marijuana has been legalized in two states in the United States.  Stoner star Seth Rogen took to Twitter to note that he would like to move to Colorado in the wake of the historic legislation, with the new measures allowing adults over the age of 21 to be able to buy an ounce of the drug from heavily regulated stores.

The states of Colorado and Washington both legalized marijuana use for recreational purposes, with the move gaining celebrity endorsement even before anti-drug advocates had the chance to start complaining.  “I’m moving to Colorado” was the enthusiastic message posted on Twitter by Seth Rogen, with his positivity about the new law not coming as too much of a surprise given his outspoken honesty about his own drug use.

The comic actor has appeared in a number of stoner comedies, including Knocked Up and Pineapple Express.  “It’s funny because I’m from Vancouver where it’s just much more culturally accepted,” Rogen once noted in an interview.  “Even coming to America it was shocking to me and after getting detained by the police a couple of times I realized how much more seriously it’s viewed.”

At least two states in the US are now upholding Rogen’s attitude, although the measures are in defiance of the federal government, which still holds marijuana to be a controlled substance.  How the newly re-elected Obama administration will deal with the new state laws remains to be seen, although acceptance of marijuana use in the US is growing.