Rogue Operators:Trick-not-Treat

In previous myBMS Moving & Storage articles the focus was to educate the public how to choose reputable moving companies and do the proper research.  A few of the articles were focused on the American Moving & Storage Association- “Rogue Operators.”  CBS 13 out of Sacramento posed a sting operation on a moving company posing as a BMS Moving & Storage agent which is a perfect example of how consumers can get taken advantage of.  To read the full story, click here:

Here are some additional articles written by the myBMS Moving & Storage team that deal with protecting yourself when choosing a moving company.

9 Easy Steps to Choosing and Working With a Local Mover

– Ask for referrals

– Look ‘em up

– Have you heard of them

– Lay your eyes on them

– Ask to see licenses and insurance

– To pack or not to pack

– Close early and close often

– Leave no box unopened

– Home owners insurance

To view the entire article click here:

When Moving Do you Research Article:

Moving Safety and Advice Article:


The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) is the Relocation Industry regulator to keep “rogue operators” away.  Visit their Website at to check out some other programs they have in place to protect consumers and keep moving companies honest.