Round the entertainment industry news

Round the entertainment industry news

Some interesting tidbits of news include Howard Stern being on America’s Got Talent along with Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne.  It is stated that Stern is a better fit than Piers Morgan.  Stern has always been controversial on his radio shows, which is why it seems that he may be a good fit for the prime time show considering his opinions are very outspoken and sometimes dead on.

When examining other news coming from Hollywood and the entertainment industry, it was found that Harry Potter would be going to Japan in the form of a new Universal Studios Park attraction.  The brand is being kept alive even though all of the movies have been released.  It is perhaps the biggest movie in terms of the millions made on each film and the long running series that it became.  No other movie has seen the success in terms of additional movies that Harry Potter did.

In other media releases, John Carter was seen as a definite crash at theaters; it did not produce as much as Disney hoped.  It has created an issue with Rich Ross, who has been fired, though it may be that he was not the right fit as Disney has publicized.

With plenty to look at in the entertainment industry, such as what is going on with childhood TV stars, current stars and the like, it seems that the talk about offering relevant TV schedules is fairly left field.  Recently the entertainment gurus have stated that with DVRs and streaming options, TV schedules are really not important anymore.

Lance Grooms