Royal Couple Settled in Wales

Royal Couple Settled in Wales

Although we do know that William and Kate will move to London eventually, they are going to make their home in Wales first.  Ever heard of Anglesey?  It is a tiny, windswept island in Wales and that is where the couple will live until Prince William’s current tour of duty is complete.

Anglesey is the perfect spot for the young couple since William is stationed at the Royal Air Force Base Valley, located on the island.  William serves as a search and rescue pilot.  In fact, William and Kate moved here about a year ago, and have become quite a part of the local community.

A little bit of irony can be noted in the fact that England’s future king and queen will make Anglesey home.  About 2,000 years ago, it was one of the last areas that were not invaded by the Romans moving into the region. Many locals even scoff at the idea that Prince Charles is known as the Prince of Wales – since he is not even a Welshman.

To this day, many residents of Anglesey are known as separatists, wanting Wales to become its own country once again.  William and Kate’s moving into the area did not change this sentiment though many will attest that the economy has been helped.

One interesting point can be considered – if William and Kate have a child in the next year or so, that child may be born in Wales.  So, that would make a Welshman the heir to the thrown – something that has not happened before.

Katie Steil