Royal Newlyweds to Live in Royal Palace

Royal Newlyweds to Live in Royal Palace

The spring wedding of Prince William to his new princess Kate Middleton is an event the entire world will be watching on Friday, April 29.  However, unlike most newlyweds also getting married this spring, they have much of their lives already planned out – especially where they plan to move after tying the knot.

Young Kate and William will move into Clarence House.  The home is said to be worth an estimated $76 million – not bad for a starter home, right?  We bet that Kate is giddy at the idea – though she grew up living in decent homes throughout her life, moving into a royal home is not a common occurrence for most 29-year-old women.

And get this – the house is actually almost 350 times the size of the average newlywed starter home in England.  Most newlyweds move into homes worth about $225,000 not almost $80 million!  And this is all before we look at their country retreat – Windsor Castle.  (The castle is estimated at $279 million and has more than 484,000 square feet across the 1,000 rooms.)

Of course, in the future, it is likely that William and Kate will move into Buckingham Palace – as King and Queen.  It is worth mentioning that Buckingham Palace is the most valuable private residence in the world – coming in at almost $2 billion.

How lucky Kate must be – finding her prince and moving into some of the most beautiful homes in the world.

Katie Steil