Samantha’s ‘Love Shack’ for Rent?

Samantha’s ‘Love Shack’ for Rent?

Fans of the wildly popular television series and feature film franchise, “Sex and the City” will be happy to know that Samantha’s (played by actress Kim Cattrall) ‘love shack’ is up for rent.  So, if you’re moving to Malibu in the near future, you may be able to move into these swanky digs.

The house, which was featured as Samantha’s L.A. abode in the first movie, measures at almost 6,000 square feet and is situated at 24826 Malibu Drive in Malibu, California.  You can pick up the three-story cantilevered home for a mere $55,000 per month.  If you prefer to buy the home when you move to California, be prepared to pay upwards of $13 million.  (The purchase price was recently reduced from $17 million.)

If you think these prices are a little outrageous, think again.  Perhaps you want to move to Malibu for a month or two – who wants to drop a few million when they can get away with just over $100,000?  Oh, and the house comes furnished.  Thank goodness.

Many people relocate to California for the great weather and fantastic views.  Samantha’s beach “shack” has all of that – spectacular views of both the Pacific Ocean and Los Angeles.

The large, open living room leads into the dining area flanked by an open atrium.  With five bedrooms and six bathrooms, there’s plenty of room for the whole family.  Oh, the house is also equipped with a library, several decks overlooking the ocean, three fireplaces, skylights, and a chef’s kitchen.

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